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Speed Humps
Posted on Dec 8th, 2017

An Open Letter from the HOA Board to Saratoga Woods Residents

Regarding Speed Control and Street Parking

The topics of excessive speed, reckless driving and street parking in Saratoga Woods (SW) has and continues to be an issue with residents to which the SW HOA Board (Board) listens and attempts to address.   The Board would like to address the recent addition of speed humps that have been placed on Saratoga Woods Drive off our main entrance from Taylorsville Road.

Your Board of elected volunteers are tasked with keeping our neighborhood a safe pace for all residents. Not every decision is going to please everyone. But, we make every effort to involve the community and seek many other outside opinions to help navigate our decisions. Over the last 6 years there has been many discussions with SW residents, Councilman Benson’s office and LMPD on how we can help make our neighborhood safer in regards to increasing traffic and speeding.

Speed Humps as a Speed Controlling Measure

The streets in SW are maintained by Louisville Metro Government (Metro) and therefore we must abide by Metro ordinances and guidelines with any changes to the streets, signage, traffic control, etc.  This applies to the installation of speed humps to control speed.  Metro has a very specific process which neighborhoods must follow before speed humps can be officially installed.  You can view the eight page document here:

To summarize the process, a neighborhood must first make a formal request for evaluation of the need for speed humps.  Once you are on the list, a neighborhood must wait their turn to be evaluated.  As you might imagine, this is a pretty long list as many other neighborhoods deal with the same traffic issues affecting SW.  Once a speed evaluation is completed by Metro, they then determine where along the requested route speed humps can be installed.  For example, speed humps cannot impede access to a resident’s driveway nor can they be installed within so many feet of a stop sign.  Once the speed hump location is determined along the requested route, a specific number of residents immediately facing, in front of and behind the proposed speed humps are sent a ballot by Metro.  The affected resident can vote yes, in favor of speed humps, no, against speed humps or ignore the ballot altogether and not return it.  Unfortunately for those in favor of speed humps, not signing or returning a ballot is considered a “no” vote by Metro.  Speed hump installations are not typically approved by Metro unless 70% of the affected residents vote in favor of speed humps.  You can see that gaining the necessary approval for speed humps is a challenging endeavor. Affected property owners Includes only those properties adjacent to the right-of-way of the segment of the street where the speed humps are proposed. The Board would like to assure the residents of Saratoga Woods that this process was followed.

We received 58 affirmative votes out of the 71 total addresses that were eligible to vote. Satisfying the 70% threshold to move forward with the installation of the speed humps.

The Board requested evaluation for speed humps in 2012 and three areas in SW were evaluated by Metro and determined to be eligible for installation of speed humps.  Councilman Benson’s office had pledged 50% support of the speed hump installation barring any financial crisis within Metro.  Without a lot of follow-up after the ballot mailing, the closest vote in the three areas was roughly two-to-one against when non-returned or unsigned ballots were counted as a “no” vote. 

Concerns regarding speed continued to be brought to the Board so several months ago the Board again requested evaluation for speed humps, this time targeting one specific area: SW Drive between Taylorsville Rd and Saratoga Club Rd.  The idea for limiting this request to only one area were two-fold: 1) SW Drive is the busiest road in the neighborhood and 2) targeting our efforts to only one area will allow us to solicit resident support, monitor ballot return and if successful, point to one area of success for future installations.  Speed was evaluated on the current request shortly after Labor Day, and to no surprise, SW Drive was approved for speed hump installation.  Metro is determined the location of the proposed speed humps in advance of ballot mailing to affected homeowners.  Councilman Benson’s office again pledged support for the installation of speed humps and has been instrumental in monitoring our request as it moved through the Metro system.   

We are considering additional bumps at some other areas that be assessed by Metro Louisville to be eligible. If you are interested in being a part of this ongoing process, we encourage you to contact the Board through our email at or attend a meeting.

Our neighborhood values and fosters community involvement and we welcome input.

Traffic Citations as a Speed Controlling Measure

Generally speaking, Louisville Metro Police (LMPD) does not have the resources that would allow them to run radar or watch for people running stop signs in local neighborhoods.  This is especially true this year as the record murder rate in Louisville has resulted in realignment of resources within LMPD.  The Board has previously used your dues to pay for off-duty patrol of the neighborhood with focus on speed and other reckless driving offenses.  Due to the recent increase in concerns about speed in SW, the Board again approved the use of funds to hire off-duty LMPD officers to target specific traffic offenses in specific areas of the neighborhood.   These patrols were conducted on an irregular basis After reviewing the various shift reports and continuing to hear feedback from residents the Board determined that there wasn’t great success with the patrols.   

Additional Signage as a Speed Control Measure

The Board installed additional signage related to speed control in the neighborhood.  This includes adding small speed limit reminder signs to all STOP signs within the neighborhood and adding “Children at Play” signs to all roads leading into the neighborhood.  .

Street Parking

Although overnight street parking is not allowed per SW’s deeds and restrictions, we are all aware that such parking occurs with regularity in SW.  Residents can contact our management company – Mulloy Properties - either directly or via the website to report habitual street parkers.  Mulloy will attempt to determine the address to which the car belongs and send them a reminder letter about parking.  The Board is currently working with Mulloy to enhance and further develop our deed and restriction enforcement policy so that repeat parking offenders can be fined for repeated street parking offenses.

LMPD has and will address street parking offenses, although Metro has no ordinance against overnight street parking.  You can, however, contact LMPD’s non-emergency police line at (502) 574-2111 and report the following parking offenses which they will address as time permits:

  • Street parking within 4 feet of a driveway
  • Street parking that impedes access to a driveway
  • Street parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Street parking the wrong direction (facing oncoming traffic)
  • Street parking within 30 feet of a STOP sign or intersection
  • Parking in the driveway but blocking the sidewalk

Finally, before taking any of the steps listed above regarding parking offenses, please consider talking to the offending neighbor.  They simply may not be aware that their parking is creating a traffic hazard.

The Board has also filed a formal request with Metro to have SW Drive immediately in front of the pool and clubhouse designated a no parking zone on both sides of the street.  Unofficially, as communicated by our LMPD resources officers these requests are difficult to get approved, and we were not approved to designate as a no parking zone. In summary, your Board is aware of the resident’s concerns about speed and parking and wants to address those concerns.  Although we cannot ignore Metro or LMPD rules and regulations, we have formed alliances with representatives of these agencies to work within existing guidelines to address your concerns. 

Your feedback continues to be an important factor to prioritize the Board’s actions. 


Respectfully submitted by the Saratoga Woods Homeowners Association Board


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