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Posted on Dec 26th, 2018

The maintenance of the roadways within Saratoga Woods (SW) is the responsibility of Louisville Metro Public Works (Metro).  Metro has a structured evaluation process to determine which roads will be prioritized for paving.  With so many roads to maintain in the Metro service area, the results of this evaluation and ranking process are rarely altered.  We nonetheless know that Councilman Benson’s office played a pivotal role in ensuring all older streets in SW were properly evaluated, and for that support we thank Stuart and his assistant Angela Webster.

Earlier in 2018, Mr. Benson’s office advised us that the following streets in SW were on the list of streets to be paved in the 2018/2019 Louisville Metro fiscal year:

Bakers Fall Ct

Brixham Ct

Carriage View Way

Cottage View Ct

Hudson View Ct

Saratoga Club Rd

Saratoga Hill Ct

Saratoga Woods Ct

Saratoga Woods Dr

Stoneham Place

Triton Spring Ct

Veranda Way

Whitney Hill Ct

Wicker Ct

Before repaving can begin, additional work must be completed.  Any pedestrian street crossings must match current code requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act: ( 

In addition, failures of the current road base will be repaired before repaving.  Road base failures are evidenced by rippling or buckling pavement, potholes that reappear, curbing failures, etc.  The SW HOA board was notified on December 12 that a paving sub-contractor hired by Metro would be performing base failure repairs in the neighborhood, weather permitting.  That is about the time many of you saw temporary no-parking signs followed by heavy milling and paving equipment in the neighborhood.  Those repairs now appear to be complete, and there have been questions about the quality of those repairs.  It is the board’s understanding that when the above listed SW streets are repaved in the Spring, the selected paving contractor will first mill several inches of the old asphalt surface before paving with several inches of fresh asphalt.  The pre-paving milling process will also mill the fresh asphalt patches recently laid on top of the base surface repairs.  As the repaired surface layers are intended to be temporary in nature, the surface is not as smooth as what one might expect for finished work by a professional paving crew.  Once completed in 2019, we fully expect the milled and repaved surface to match the surface quality of Saratoga Hill Rd/Whitney Hill Rd repaved by Metro in 2014.

Please contact the SW HOA board with any related questions or concerns at:


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